Life Experience Through Digital Simulation Narratives


Neotipo: Life Experience Through Digital Simulation Narratives. Narrative Model that link Reality with fiction -Digital Strategies for Create a False Memory -List of Experiences to Choose -The Reader as a Co-Creator -A PhD Taxonomy in Six layers -Digital Narratives

Neotipo: Startup that uses Digital tools and Narrative Strategies to create adaptive content for the user and generates a simulator of experiences. Prototype: under construction. If you consider this utopian, please reflect on why this is utopian?" (Bertolt Brecht, 1932, Radio Theory) Release: 2021


Narrative Model
How do we create reality? Or rather, how would you create a narrative that allows the user to link reality with fiction and create a digital simulation of an experience? That's the goal of Neotipo.
How the machine learned to create art
Lightning conference on the creation of Art with Artificial Intelligence. If the machine was limited to replicate, what will be the art created by the machines? What stories will tell us before going to sleep the Artificial Intelligence?

Life Experiences
If you were not afraid of the consequences, what would you like to do in your life? A dream or a desire that reality can't offer you. That is what you seeks when one ventures into narrative, be it novels, films or video games. If immersion is achieved, for a brief period we have the certainty that we have just lived an alternate experience. Now, what if we could manipulate our mind in such way that it would believe that things did happen and that fictional notion would mutate into a memory? Some time ago I began to think about how this approach could be realized. The answer was a little more obvious than I expected, but not simpler: through digital narratives. I have been working on this digital narrative project for some time now. I seek to create a hyperdigital story that meets the characteristics and virtues of the new literary genre and, at the same time, maximizes the narrative tools that the digital support allows. The hyperdigital work, in this case named: neotype, is a narrative that seeks to make the reader experience a radical linking of reality and fiction through narratives and multtextual strategies, which I describe in my PhD Thesis.
Non Infinite Stories: Bastard
PhD Thesis: Digital Narratives...

We use digital tools to create new narrative approaches. In search of the tools for Neotipo we created E-Lit examples like Non-Infinite Stories where with combinatorics and narrative we generate from a single text, 10^490 possibilities of unique texts. More readings than atoms in the universe.